Queens Sports Marketing Association


My time with the Queens Sports Marketing Association really taught me about Queens and what it means to choose Division 2. I came from a school where athletics promoted themselves and every student cared about our teams. Queens was a culture shock for me in that every basketball game wasn’t always packed out or sold out. It took great strategy and effort to get the word out about games and get people excited to be there. I joined SMA immediately. After hearing about it I couldn’t wait to get involved. I jumped right in and learned all about the sports we have to offer, the coaches, and the dedication it takes to choose division 2.

After working on the committees for a semester, I was nominated and elected President of the Sports Marketing Association. I worked closely with Cherie Swartout and the interns to come up with new promotions, games, prizes, and scripts to keep our games interesting. I learned how to market to an audience that isn’t familiar with the product while developing good relationships in the process.

I made friends with many great people and believe that my time in SMA has made my experience at Queens the most valuable it could be!


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