Pop Culture Minor


I first agreed to take a pop-culture minor because it was the easiest. I had transferred in so many random credits that choosing anything else would have taken too long. My adviser worked with me to fill in the gaps and helped me realize that pop-culture was my best option. I am sad to say that there weren’t that many gaps to fill. I am taking my first official pop-culture class this semester and am really enjoying it. I have always had a wealth of pop- culture knowledge that I considered somewhat useless. I didn’t know what to do with it. Now, after studying under Dr. Nathaniel for half of a semester now, I find ways to challenge the knowledge instead of just letting it sit in my memory bank. I am learning to think critically against the machine instead of following along with it. I have really enjoyed my pop-culture class and my minor course of study and look forward to using the skills more in the future and for the rest of my life.


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