Gastonia Grizzlies Internship


In the summer of 2011 I took my first internship with the Gastonia Grizzlies baseball team. I was an operations/ promotions intern and helped out with sales and sponsorship when needed. I was proud that this internship allowed me to take initiative and fill a leader position. I was one of five interns with the club that season. I wrote the game day script, edited the promotional music and programs and acted as the MC during all of the in game promotions. It was great to get involved in my community in a way I never knew I could. It was exciting being a visible part in promoting the team. We did giveaways and eating contests and races while promoting a championship baseball team.

I learned a lot about business and promoting a team but I learned the most about being a good boss/ manager. Unfortunately I learned everything from a bad boss and a manager that didn’t care about his people. I think it is important to have the respect of your inters and employees. What kind of job are you really doing if at the end of the day your entire staff has nothing good to say about you? We all got our jobs done and did them well, but were micromanaged and pestered every minute of the day. I believe you can be an employer who checks on people and pushes them to do better without belittling them to feel inferior to you. I walked away from that internship with a very negative opinion of the organization and the general manager. I learned a lot, mostly because I was unhappy with a lot. Sometimes negative experiences teach us just as much as positive ones.


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