COM 495: Communication Capstone


Communication Capstone is one of the three courses I am currently taking and is by far the most demanding and challenging course I have taken in my college career. Capstone demands students to be organized, timely and efficient while compiling what we have learned in college into one portfolio, serving the community and doing individual research.

The research project has been and is very intimidating to me. After finally coming up with a topic I was interested in and putting together all of my IRB paper work I am just getting into the deep research and content of my project. Although I am terrified that something will go wrong or that I won’t have volunteers for my focus groups, I am very excited to do something I haven’t done before.

Since my research project is in pieces, I have attached my week 1 reflection from my service hours. I serve breakfast to the homeless at the Salvation Army every Friday morning. It has been the most rewarding experience and the part of this capstone course that I really look forward to each and every week.

Reflection 1


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