COM 401: Sport & National Identity


Where Sport & National Identity Intersect in “The Greatest Game Ever Played?”

Sport & National Identity was one of the few seminar courses I took. I particularly enjoyed this class with Dr. Pupcheck because we used both text and popular sports films to analyze how national identity is communicated through different sports. We watched Miracle, Field of Dreams, The Greatest Game Ever Played and a few other independent films.

I really enjoyed how we were pulled into a different nationality with different sports. One film took us to the jungle/ community in South America where they did whatever it took to hook up a satellite dish to watch the soccer (futbol) game. This was a great class to see how other countries and cultures view sports. It is such a highly profitable and valuable industry here, but it is a big passion and way of hope for people in other countries.

My favorite project in the class was the country profile. We each chose a country, excluding the United States, and did a complete study on the culture, their sports, and what they mean to the people and their economy. I chose Greece and really enjoyed what I learned about it. Although it was my favorite project, I have attached the paper I wrote on “The Greatest Game Ever Played.”


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