COM 357 Sports Promotion & Publicity


Sports Promotion & Publicity is one of my favorite courses this semester! So far, it has given me a step by step on how to promote any team. We have done press releases, feature stories and athlete biographies with still more to come. Each assignment gives us a good idea of what to look for and what to do in a given situation.

I especially like our text book, and I don’t think I have ever liked one of those. It is one of those good books that you know you will keep as a reference even after the course is over.

Like capstone, most of my work is still in pieces for this course. We are working on different types of promotion materials for our final portfolio on the Olympic sport we chose.

Attached is my example of athlete biographies. My sport is shooting and the two athletes featured are big names in the shooting realm. the biography includes their career statistics, at-a-glance information and details about who they are.

I can’t wait to learn more as the semester progresses. I feel like this is my best preparation for any promotions job I pursue after graduation.

Athlete Biographies- Shooting


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