COM 356: Sports Communication & Culture


This class was my first in the sports communication major. After taking this course with Dr. White, I knew I had made a good choice coming to Queens. I was academically satisfied and very interested in the material at the same time. Dr. White made the class fun and it was in that hour each week that I really started to get to know my classmates and make great friends at Queens.

I really got to understand a deeper level of sports. In sports communication & culture we learned about artifacts and groups within the sports world. Different groups of fans are one culture separate from another team’s group of fans. Each of those groups have their own traditions, language, norms and artifacts that they understand and communicate with.

The example of my work is the final draft of our final paper on the artifact of our choice. I chose to analyze the Lebron James commercial that aired in 2010 after he chose to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers to play for the Miami Heat basketball team. I compared his views on public opinion vs Charles Barkley’s views stated in his commercial years before. In the paper I argued the point of whether or not athletes should be role-models for young fans.

Athlete, Spokesman and Rolemodel?


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