COM 329: Sports Reporting


Sports Reporting with Frank Barrows was like no other class I have taken. He really pushed us to be better writers and journalists. We met two days a week and the first day was always a guest speaker or a lecture. He brought in some of the best and most well known writers and reporters in the Charlotte area. They told us how they got to where they are now, how they knew Frank, and some kind of interesting story about their favorite thing they have written/ covered.

For that class we had to go out into the field and learn how to do a play-by-play for football and basketball, report on a basketball game (high school), write a game advance leading up to a game day, and we did three critiques of a professional’s work: a reporter, columnist, and a book critique from the Sports Illustrated top 100 best sports books.

It was a very interesting class and I learned so much about that style of writing that will be useful in the future. I also learned that I do not want to pursue a career as a writer or reporter. That particular field doesn’t speak to my interests the way promotions, marketing and broadcasting do.

Attached is a copy of the game advance I wrote for a Queens softball game.

USC-A game advance


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