Carolina Panthers Internship


Through contacts in the Athletic Department at Queens, I was able to interview and obtain a public relations/ media relations internship with the Carolina Panthers this past season (2011). It was an invaluable experience. I met many incredible professionals and lots of valuable contacts that will be good in the future.

My duties included pulling credentials for the media on game days, editing the weekly media release, writing and editing coach and player biographies for the media release and other publications, and compiling the weekly statistical reports for the coaching staff and the media. I worked two days a week in the office and worked every home game. On game days my duties changed a little. I was responsible for media check-in. Members of the press and photographers would have to come see me, sign in appropriately and get a NFL vest that allowed them to be on the field. After media check in was complete I would prepare the press conference room for the post game interviews. Game time was relatively easy. Myself and a few others would pass out stats and injury reports etc to the members of the press and the staff of the opposing team. After the game we would head down to the locker rooms for the post game interviews, then head back up to the press box to transcribe the quotes. Once everything was typed out and proofed, we published one large game summary book for the media to use in writing their stories.

I can’t begin to itemize everything I learned working for the Panthers organization. It was such a fast paced and high quality environment. After completing that internship, I have a much better idea of what it takes to make it in this industry and a clear vision of what my career goals are.


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