Summary of Courses at Appalachian State University


I spent three years at Appalachian State University and took many of my basic and introductory courses, both in general education and in communication. The majority of my courses were theory based. We read many books and talked about communication and its effects on media, relationships, and every day life. My favorite courses were broadcast news writing and communication law. I had professors that had many years of experience in the fields they taught.

Dr. Paul Gates practiced communication law for many years and wrote the course text book filled with relevant cases. It was the most challenging course and the one that demanded the most from students. The course required a research paper on sacrilege in the media. We studied how sacrilegious images are used in media and pop culture.

Dr. Tyree taught broadcast news writing. In that course we researched and found stories for the news. Taking the main points and key details, we wrote stories and added soundbites that would air in a news broadcast.

A copy of my final law paper and story examples are embedded as examples of my best work from ASU.

Sacrilege in the Media

Lost Wedding Ring Story


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