COM 210: Digital Media Production


What a class! I had never been in a class like this one before! It was so hands on and taught me things I never thought I would know how to do. Dr. Neale taught me the principles of filming and the rules of composition. My biggest challenge was editing what we recorded. I was always so intimidated by editing film and audio. I avoided it at all costs. Dr. Neale really explained it in a way that made perfect sense and since taking the course, I have done videos and projects for my family for weddings, events, and parties. I really enjoy having this new skill and love practicing it whenever I have free time and opportunities to do so!

We did many interesting projects throughout the semester including designing a website, creating a document with hyperlinks to external things, creating an audio project and a video project. Due to their size, most of my best work does not fit. Below is a sample page from the website I created for Type 1 diabetes.




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