Overall Major Reflection


I cannot say enough about the education in communication I have received from Queens. I spent the first three years of my college career at Appalachian State University and was completely neglected as a student. Since I transferred to Queens, I have learned more about critical thinking, problem solving and gained knowledge that I feel I can actually use in the real world, no matter what profession I choose. I find myself applying my skills each and every day. I also know that looking back on some other papers I have written, that my writing has improved tremendously. My favorite part about Queens is how willing the faculty is to help students and how accessible they are. Any time I have needed help, I have gotten above and beyond what I expected. Professors have not only answered my questions but made sure I understood the material before I left.

The Knight School of Communication is both challenging and rewarding.  The teachers work their hardest to give students the best education possible while challenging us to grow in the process. Nothing is easy at Queens. It was shocking at first. I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. At Appalachian, nothing was expected of students and no one cared if you failed. I feel blessed and honored to be a graduating senior in the Knight School of Communication at Queens University of Charlotte. I feel more prepared and more excited to go out into the professional world as a Queens Alumna that I ever did at Appalachian.


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